Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garlic Scapes

Lately at our house we've been cooking with garlic scapes, the fancy word for the unopened flower of the garlic plant. They usually pop up from the green strappy foliage of the the garlic plant this time of year, and can be used as a more mild substitute for garlic, onions, or chives.

The scapes should be cut from the base of the plant near the soil line in order to allow the garlic plant to focus all of its energy on developing succulent, fat garlic bulbs. Snip the scapes stems, or blooms, before they are allowed to open. Chop the scapes (Including the stem and the unopened flower) into quarter-inch pieces and add them to almost any savory dish. This season we have used them in scrambled eggs, stir fry, salads, quiche, and savory bread! So tasty!

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