Wednesday, July 14, 2010

City Garden

I live in south Seattle on an inner-city lot with four incredibly talented, fun and inspiring roommates. We have a small vegetable garden that has been cultivated for about two years. The garden has garlic, onions, and strawberries that have been in the garden since it was planted. This year we added beets, chard, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, kale, snow peas, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes and a tomatillo! We have our basil, lemonbalm and leafy greens in terracotta pots outside of the main garden bed. The main garden bed is approximately 8- x 12- feet, and supplies us with a steady supply of fresh produce through the growing season and beyond.

I'm not simply making a list for lists sake! My point is that we grow all of this bounty on a city lot less than one-tenth of an acre in size. You can too! A great book I recently picked up called The Backyard Homestead (Storey Publishing) gives great tips on adjusting a garden plan to your own lot size, and also gives great insight into the homemade lifestyle of growing veggies, herbs, and even producing your own meat and eggs.

Speaking of urban gardens, two great garden tours are happening this weekend. The Rainier Valley Garden Tour is this Saturday, July 17th, and the West Seattle Garden Tour on Sunday, July 18th. I'm super excited for both tours and am hoping to see a big turnout this year!

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